Investing In Your Future

Making A Difference In Your Community

Rick Rosen has 40+ years of hands on experience in real estate and investments in Southeast, MI.  He has developed an innovative approach for creating a great investment opportunity for cash investors to invest in their own communities.  He found many cash investors were not satisfied with their earnings on their long term savings, IRA's or 401k's.  The stock market is uncertain and rates on CD's are not what they use to be, causing many investors to fear their future or current retirement situation.

Our team has worked with hundreds of local and out of town investors, to build strong portfolios by increasing annual returns and lowering risk.  Our goal is to create investment vehicles for our clients that can be as passive as buying a CD, but that earns them an assured return over 20% every year.  Fresh Start Homes Michigan has built relationships throughout Southeast Michigan, through these relationships we have many avenues for acquiring discounted homes.  Our Acquisition Department does a through analysis of each property prior to purchase in order to maximize return.  Once purchased, these homes are repaired and improved to industry standards by our in-house Construction Company.  This increases the market value of the homes and the investor's potential profit.  Our Marketing Department has over 20 years experience.  Their expertise is used to sell the home quickly including pre-marketing prior to completion.  Many times, we are able to generate multiple offers.  Take advantage of our extensive experience, our innovative approach requires no work from our investors.   

Our free PDF report reveals Rick's proven investment concept for qualified investors. In addition to our free report, Rick offers qualified investors a no obligation 60 minute Investor Orientation that walks you through his entire process. Our proven program is assured in writing and secured by the Real Estate Deed Title.

Investors should have liquid funds of over $100,000 to buy discounted homes.  Larger cash investors can qualify for even higher ROI's by making bulk purchases (5 or more properties) at an even greater discount.  All cash flow from Seller Financed homes are direct deposited to the investor.