I hope you enjoyed last weeks blog with a list of 10 things for summer fun in Michigan.  We decided, why stop at 10 when Michigan has so many amazing activities?  Here are 1 more things that are sure to excite the family! Some may be a bit further from home, but are well worth the drive!

1. CLIMB MOUNT ARVON - Visit Michigan's highest point!  You can hike to the top of the mountain and leave a note in the famous Michigan mailbox when you reach the peak.

2. LEARN THE HISTORY OF POLITICS - Take some time to stop by the State Capitol in Lansing and you can participate in a guided tour.  You will be able to look inside the House and Senate galleries where laws are made affecting the daily lives of all Michiganders.

3. THE GRAND HAVEN MUSICAL FOUNTAIN - Watch one of the largest water shows of its kind in the world!  Watching the synchronized light and water show is a great way to spend a summer evening!

4. STUNNING WATERFALLS - If the musical light and fountain show aren't up your ally, perhaps taking in the splendor of watching millions and millions of gallons of water from high above plummeting to the earth is.  Michigan has nearly 200 waterfalls.

5. SHIPWRECK TOUR - See a full-size replica of  a ship wreck when you visit Alpena's Great Lakes maritime Heritage Center.

6. GARDEN BEAUTY - Michigan State University hosts the Michigan 4-H Children's Garden.  There really is something for everyone here, from dancing wind chimes to gorgeous flower displays to Wilbur the Peacock!  Lot's of fun for kids and adults!

7. AU SABLE LIGHT STATION - Truly one of Michigan's most notable light house, the Au Sable Light Station was built in 1874.  If Detroit is closer to you, then be sure to check out the William Livingstone memorial Light, it is the only lighthouse constructed fro marble and one of only two erected as a memorial.

8. THE GREAT LAKES CIRCLE TOUR - Definitely not a one day tour, take a road trip with your fail or friends along the scenic road system connecting all of the great Lakes and the St. Lawrence River.  Cover just part of the tour or take on the entire 6,500 miles!

9.CALVIN ECOSYSTEM PRESERVE - Learn about the sciences and explore the natural world in Grand Rapids around them at the Calvin Ecosystem Preserve.

10.  EXPLORE DRUMMOND ISLAND TOWNSHIP PARK - Sure to inspire you to visit the Upper Peninsula time and time again.  A great place to hike some truly amazing trails.


Now that I have shared some of m favorites, where do you like to visit in Michigan or what place is on your must see list?